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  • OO Scale | Orange Scooter with Sidecar
    OO scale

    OO Scale | Orange Scooter with Sidecar

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    The Oxford Scooter made its debut as just that; then we welcomed it with a trailer on the back; and for its third outing, it comes with another tooling variation – a sidecar.

    Epitomising the 1960s, it was the favoured nippy alternative to the car for the young moderns of the day. With a high backed pillion seat behind the driver, it was quite a comfortable ride and cheaper to buy – until the price of cars came within the reach of the younger or less-well off motorist.

    Now additional tooling introduces the sidecar version, making room for a second passenger alongside the main body. The sidecar, with a supporting axle and extra wheel complete with mudguard and indicator, has its own headlight fixed to the front of the body.

    Decorated in bright orange, the front guard is also orange, the wheels are silver with white surrounds and the whole scooter is rounded off with chrome detailing. The pillion and sidecar passenger seats are moulded in black. The handlebars and brakes are also finished in chrome. Registered 525 UXE, the model dates back to the days before the new vehicle numbering system was introduced in 1962.